Interview with José Alfredo, Chicago, Illinois

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José Alfredo
José Alfredo (Chicago, Illinois)

José Alfredo Guerrero is an educator and musician who grew up in Chicago’s La Villita.  A graduate of DePaul University’s School of Music, he is a member of Madera Once, a band that pays tribute to Mexican-regional and traditional music with a contemporary spin. Madera Once's mission is to keep Mexican and Latin American music alive as it forges a new identity through the musicians’ and audience’s lived experiences within the U.S. Their debut EP, Amado, enjoyed regional success. José Alfredo has a natural teaching talent, whether it be as a schoolteacher (his day job) or as a representative and champion of traditional Mexican songs. He performs original content but also has an impressive knowledge of traditional Mexican songs and repertoire, understanding the importance of carrying these songs not only to new generations but to older generations in the United States who are missing their home country of Mexico. 

Interviewed by Holly Hobbs, 09/23/2020.
Holly Hobbs
Music; United States; Covid-19 Pandemic
Chicago, Illinois
Musicians in America during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Society for Ethnomusicology

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