Invisible Populations and Data Collection: Issues, Challenges, and Strategies

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2010-11-05 (Creation date: 2010-11-05)
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Roddrick A. Colvin
This presentation will address issues and challenges that often arise when collecting data from 'invisible' populations, including determining the factors that rendered a population invisible, understanding the relationship between invisibility and vulnerability, and collaborating with members and/or allies of the population. The presentation will also include a discussion of research strategies that have been employed when collecting data, and the use of technology to improve the quality of data obtained.
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Dr. Colvin is an associate professor in the Department of Public Management at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In addition to his interests in employment policy, he is also interested in gay rights, hate crimes, and international human rights policies. He currently teaches courses in public administration, human resource management, and policy analysis.

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