Where's Everybody Going?

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Cities are growing, and people have to move about in them. How they do this can have a considerable effect on the development of the city itself. Many –perhaps most –of the inhabitants of a city own cars, and the temptation to use them is easy to understand. But often a private car is not the best way to get from here to there in a city; public transportation –buses, subways, streetcars, even helicopters for longer distance –is often the best way to move people. Yet too often even so simple a matter as intra-urban transportation resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Groups have grown up to handle different parts of the problem, with the results that these units may overlap, or do not cover the whole problem. The older geographical areas which they were established to serve are new sections within a larger unit, but the original group still exist while the transportation problems become more and more complicated, and increasingly in need of overall planning. Once again the program concludes with a plea to the citizen to learn more about the problems of urban transportation, and to help his community to resolve some of them.
WQED, Pittsburgh; Gilbert Altschul; George Deming; William N. Cassella; John Grove; Paul Barnes; John W. Ziegler
National Educational Television; Indiana University Audio-Visual Center
City planning ; Transportation.
National Educational Television
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