Interview with the Gypsy Cowbelle, Thermopolis, Wyoming

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The Gypsy Cowbelle
The Gypsy Cowbelle (Thermopolis, Wyoming)

Whether she’s building a banjo, riding the Divide, singing around a campfire, floating the Grand, or hitchhiking across America, this little gal is doing her best to seize Life’s Rich Pageant. Miss “V,” as she is also known, has balanced her back-country experiences with countless asphalt tours, seeking enlightenment through solitude as well as through her interactions with people from all walks of life. A knack for recognizing the humor in everyday life, an appreciation for history, a hunger for adventure, and a ceaseless sense of creativity collectively establish Miss V’s unique perspective and personality. Her experiences, free spirit, clever lyricism, and classic rhythms on the guitar and her homemade banjo blend together to create her signature “Genuine Cowbilly” music. This Gypsy Cowbelle and her music possess a universal and timeless allure that has charmed fans from coffee houses and campfires to festivals and honky tonks across America for nearly two decades.

Interviewed by Raquel Paraíso, 10/13/2020.
Raquel Paraíso
Music; United States; Covid-19 Pandemic
Thermopolis, Wyoming
Musicians in America during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Society for Ethnomusicology

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