Inside/Out: Getting Even

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A construction worker comes across several children scrapping in a vacant lot and makes them tell how it all began. They explain that three of them have built a clubhouse and formed the Secret Oub of Three. They say that they have asked their two friends to join: "All they had to do was pay.'' The three complain that the others began to tear down the fort to build their own: ''That's why the fight began." 
The two retort, "We were friends. They left us out! They don't like us any more!" 
This leads to more complaints until the older man lays down the law: "You can all play here or nobody plays." Perplexed, he wonders, "Why does everyone always have to try and get even?" 
The obvious topic of discussion is revenge-the need to get even for alleged hurts. A more subtle topic that may be missed is the feeling of rejection persons develop when inadvertently left out of a group. Group members may be amazed and confused when those excluded seek revenge on group members or the group purpose, especially if the group was designed solely to carry out a worthy purpose and not to exclude anyone. 
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