Inside/Out: Can Do/Can't Do

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Dotty and her friend Betty are practicing somersaults, but Betty can't quite get the hang of it. Dotty's older sister, Bernie, joins them to show the girls how the stunt should be done. Dotty resents the performance, complaining that her sister is 'just a big old showoff." Betty hears Dotty's brother Morrie practicing piano and admires his skill, and Morrie responds by helping her learn to play "Chopsticks." This upsets Dotty all the more. Later at dinner her baby sister Pauline has everyone's attention while Dotty is reproved for her table manners, which only makes her more sullen. At bedtime she thinks back over the day's events, wishing that she could be her brother and sisters because of what they each can do. Her wishes are fulfilled when her inner-self "Me" appears in her dreams to grant what she longs for. 
Dotty imagines herself to be Pauline, Bernie, and Morrie, but quickly learns that each of their lives has its drawbacks. The next morning she and Betty are racing each other in the snow, and Betty, who can't keep up, wishes that she were Dotty. But Dotty, who now knows a little something about wishing to be someone else, asks, "Are you sure?" 
Agency for Instructional Technology
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