Choosing Digital Methods: Updating Your Pedagogy and Research for the 21st Century

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Main contributors
Craig, Kalani; Dalmau, Michelle
The 2016 election cycle showed us how digital methods like image manipulation, social network analysis and data mining can change our perceptions of the world around us. This presentation will take these digital methods and demonstrate how applications to the arts & humanities can help us craft new research questions and answer those questions. We will discuss how to (or not to) apply mapping, data mining, network analysis, data visualization, 3D rendering, computationally aided vision and other digital methods to a variety of disciplines. We’ll also provide a clear list of IU resources that can support these efforts. Finally, we’ll engage in a practical white-board-based activity that doesn’t require digital tools to demonstrate how analog methods can enhance understanding of some of these digital-methods applications in a variety of environments (including the classroom). 
 This presentation kicks off a series of workshops offered by the Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities called Choosing a Digital Method.
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