An Inside Look At Managing MDPI Digitization

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Main contributors
Casey, Michael; Dapuzzo, Andrew
Audiovisual archivists agree that media holdings must be transferred to the digital domain as soon as possible in order to survive. Because this work requires significant resources, it must be conducted as efficiently as possible. One place to realize efficiencies is in the management of the digitization process. This presentation will explore managing effective and efficient 1:1 as well as parallel transfer media digitization workflows. Using the Indiana University Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative project as a case study, Mike Casey will discuss applying the theory of constraints and adapting software development methodologies to efficiently manage 1:1 digitization workflows. This will include a look at working with bottlenecks, scrum methodology, and the daily standup. Andrew Dapuzzo from Memnon Archiving Services will address issues in regulating parallel transfer workflows including the role of workflow management software, the importance of both human and machine quality assurance in each step of the process, the difficulty in maintaining obsolete machines, overall system design and Total Quality Management.  The more efficient the digitization workflow, the more we are able to preserve with scarce resources.
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