07_Who Gets to Tell the Vietnam War Story

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2019-01-14 (Creation date: 2018-07-24)
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Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities; Heather Stur
For as much as has been written and produced about the Vietnam War, the voices telling the story have remained much the same. Historians and journalists have privileged American male combat veterans of the war and high-ranking U.S. policymakers, while in Vietnam, the official state story is one of U.S. imperialists versus Vietnamese freedom fighters. Lost in these tellings of the story was South Vietnamese veterans and their families, anticommunist Vietnamese citizens, political activists of all stripes in South Vietnam, American women who served in the war, U.S. support or rear echelon troops, U.S. Embassy employees, and troops of the "free world" forces in Vietnam. These voices are crucial for understanding how the conflict developed and played out, what its consequences were, and what its legacies are. 
Vietnam War / American War Stories: A Symposium on Conflict and Civic Engagement
Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities
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