The brief history of air quality

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Main contributors
Hess, Mary; Emmert, Rock; Blair, John; Vaal, Randy; McCabe, Janet; Hawkins, David; Nolen, Janice; Greenbaum, Dan
The billowing black factory smoke may be gone, but there remains much work to be done in U.S. and global air quality. As the earth warms, ozone worsens and wildfire particulate matter threatens communities. Janet, Jim and Emily delve into these issues and more with a host of seasoned air quality experts and one community group fighting for quality of life. 7:00 - Dale, Indiana coal to diesel refinery story, featuring Mary Hess, Rock Emmert, John Blair and Randy Vaal 13:15 - interview between Janet McCabe and David Hawkins of the National Resources Defense Council, with contributions from Janice Nolen of the American Lung Association 28:15 - interview between Janet McCabe and Dan Greenbaum of the Health Effects Institute, with contributions from Janice Nolen
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