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Proper and Improper Use of Drugs by Athletes
Main contributor
Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency
June 18 1973
(Recordings not yet available)

July 12 1973

Phil Shinnick, Director of Athletics, Livingston College, Rutgers, New Brunswick, New Jersey 
Jack Scott, Athletic Director and Chairman of the Physical Education Department, Oberlin College, Director of the Institute for the Study of Sports and Society 
Daniel F. Hanley, College Physician, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, Member, International Olympic Committee's Medical Commission 
A. O. Duer, Executive Director, and Donald Spencer, Coordinator of the Medical Aspects of Sports Committee, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Kansas City, Missouri 
Side 1 - 45:17 
00:00  Bayh statement and introduction of Phil Shinnick 
05:00  Shinnick 

Side 2 - 45:18 
00:00  Shinnick, cont. 
02:36  Jack Scott 

Side 3 - 46:31
00:00 Scott, cont. (to 10:35; skips end of Scott and beginning of Daniel F. Hanley) 

Side 4 - 46:36 
00:00 Hanley, cont.
13:45 A. O. Duer and Donald Spencer

Side 5 - 39:48
00:00 Duer and Spencer, cont.  (9:59-10:51 background noise only)

July 13 1973 

George E. Killian, Executive Director, National Junior College Athletic Association, Hutchinson, Kansas 
Harold Connolly, Former Olympic Champion, Track and Field Coach and English Teacher at Santa Monica High School, California 
Eddie Hart, Former Olympic Sprinter, Assistant Track Coach, University of California at Berkeley 
David G. Rivenes, President, The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), accompanied by Roy Goddard, Chairman, AAU Sport Medicine Committee, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Ollan Cassell, Executive Director of the AAU 

Side 1 - 46:14
00:00 Radio feed interview questions 
08:06 Bayh statement and introduction of George E. Killian
10:10 Killian
27:34 Harold Connolly

Side 2 - 46:27 
00:00 Connolly, cont.
29:15 Eddie Hart

Side 3 - 46:26
00:00 Hart, cont. 
07:15 David G. Rivenes 

Side 4 - 46:32
00:00 Rivenes, cont.
26:00 Recess 
26:04 Music 
28:55 D.C. Representation hearings: Bayh statement on S. J. Res. 76
32:16 D.C. Representation hearings: Edward. Kennedy introductory statement, concluding but cut off at end (46:32)

Birch Bayh Senatorial Papers
Indiana University Libraries Modern Political Papers

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